22 Sep 2017, 13:23

All about Flex Tape


Flex Tape is an product that claims to be able to holes and spot leaks of all kinds, even those. This product’s manufacturers claim that it is adhesive that was triple-action is so strong, it can be used underwater. The product comes with the choice, in two colours.

Flex Tape is a part of the Flex Seal lineup of products, comprised of Flex Seal Flex Shot, and Flex Seal Liquid. Customers are served by all of these products depending on the situation, but they all serve leaks; stopping in their paths.

The manufacturer claims that Flex Tape itself may be used on a number of substances, such as PVC, acrylic, metal, steel, copper, aluminum, wood, ceramic, porcelain, tile, glass, rubber, fiberglass, stucco, plaster, stone, drywall, EPDM roofs and much more. This opens up the possibility for uses and it would place Flex Tape to be helpful in a number of situations, if true.

In order to understand the scenarios that you may find Flex Tape to be helpful in, we will need to know the product claims to do the job. In the next section, let us go about this, where Flex Tape might be convenient, while taking a look.

Does Flex Tape Work?

According to Flex Tape’s manufacturers, the product works by producing an instantaneous bond to whatever it’s that you apply it to if there is water. In actuality, the company is confident in the adhesive abilities, they claim it can be used submerged and offer a powerful bond. They even go so far as to demonstrate that on their television advertising by cutting on a boat then fixing it using a sheet of Flex Tape. A demonstration of this boat on the water seems to demonstrate that it works completely normally, which if true, would be an impressive accomplishment, if nothing else.

We are not told on the website what is used and when we reached out to try to confirm what’s being used, we were advised that they didn’t have that info. According to our experience, it is fairly common for a business to keep information like this personal to reduce copycat and knockoff products from cropping up, so this is a cause for concern by itself.

Are There Other Products Like Flex Tape Out There?

Performing a quick Google search for “waterproof tape” brings up a couple diverse listings, so it might appear that there are indeed at least a few different products out there which are functionally similar to Flex Tape. The item was close to the top of the outcomes, and it seemed to be the most marketed product on the first page of their search results.

The next question is simple much will it cost you to get your hands in your source of Flex Tape?

Flex Tape Pricing

Flex Tape is offered directly in addition to via physical locations and several different outlets all around the nation. You will have the ability to be given a bonus can of one for free that the business is running if you choose to go through the manufacturer. As far as we could tell, this promotion isn’t available at any place, either offline or online.

Flex Tape comes in three key sizes; 4” by 5’, 8” by 5’, and lastly, 12” by 10”. Based on the nature of what you’re currently attempting to do with the tape, you may need to decide on the size appropriate. On the primary site for the product, these products will cost $19.99, $29.99, and $49.99, respectively. Whichever size you choose, you will be subject to a $9.95 shipping fee plus a $9.99 processing fee, including roughly $20 for your order. Should you choose to experience a physical retailer or an internet outlet that offers free shipping like Amazon, you may possibly have the ability to avoid these fees, but you also won’t have the ability to get the bonus product to try out in the manufacturer.

Flex Tape Return Policy

If you choose to buy Flex Tape via a physical retailer or an internet store aside from directly from the manufacturer, you will want to inquire about the return policy for your respective store you’re buying from, as they often differ from company to company. However, you will have a 30-day money back guarantee for the cost of the goods if you choose to buy Flex Tape on the website for the item. It must be noted that this doesn’t include handling fees, which they say are not refundable & the $ 20 for the shipping.

You will have to contact customer service to request a return merchandise authorization number, which you will then have the ability to include on the packaging to send the item back to receive your refund.

The Bottom Line: Why Is Flex Tape a Game-Changer for Leaks?

Taking everything that we have learned it would appear that the item could be expected to deliver on the promises it makes regarding its ability to seal holes and leaks. The product’s video presentations are convincing and viewing the product in action underwater gives us hope that Flex Tape might be the real thing.

That being said, without testing out the product for ourselves, and without knowing what’s being used in its formulation, it would be tricky to say with certainty that Flex Tape(flexreviews.org) will work as the manufacturer describes. It’ll be up to you to determine if the value would be well worth the investment in relation to the item. We suggest keeping the return policy in your mind, in addition to before committing to a greater quantity of it, testing a smaller volume of the product.